STREAM SIR, an Edutainment brand founded by Scan Infinity, set up an AR gaming experience booth at HKTDC Book Fair 2022.

About the project

STREAM SIR introduce the newly created AR edutainment game through the exhibition. The game consists of multiple STEM related questions, and players guess the answer. The way to answer is to directly scan the real object or picture of the answer after the mobile phone enters the AR recognizer. After scanning the object, an AR screen showing whether the answer is correct or not. AR scanners can identify over 100,000 objects.

About the client

STREAM SIR takes STEM as the core of creation, and uses AI (artificial intelligence), AR (virtual reality) and edutainment technology to integrate learning into entertainment, so that children can learn new knowledge by observing visual objects in daily life, stimulate learning interest.

Some information


  • Client


  • Period

    Jul 20, 2022 – Jul 26, 2022

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  • Website

  • Project duration

    168 hours

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